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We at Online Gaming News pride ourselves as being one of the only sites which aims to deliver the latest news from around the world on poker, casino and betting. We also have in depth guides on strategy and the latest games which have been developed. You will be able to find all of these things and so much more.

Online Gaming News hopes that your experience of our site is rewarding and helpful and hopefully from pleasant. We provide the following:


Our editors scour the web and our inside sources for the latest news from poker to casino, including the latest tournaments and promotions.

Great Deals

We are constantly looking for the best promotions which are available on the web, we will always inform you of how to enter tournaments and likely prizes.

Dedicated Team

Our team here at Online Gaming News features a mix batch of talent from the very experienced to the newbie who is learning about the gambling world for the first time. As our team is so mixed it allows our site to give an alternative view which other sites may not offer, we can give tips to the very experienced looking to improve there game as well as offer advice on how to start to play online.