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Aussie businessman loses twice in casino battle

Harry KakavasAn Australian businessman who tried to sue a casino over his mounting losses has lost his court case claiming the casino took advantage of his gambling addiction.

In what was something of a test case for the industry, Harry Kakavas reckoned Melbourne’s ‘Crown Casino’ had behaved unconscionably – continually profiting from his mounting losses as his pathological gambling condition made him unable to stop.

The businessman didn’t show quite so much business prowess in his gambling, turning over close to A$1.5bn (around £0.95bn) at the casino between June 2005 and August the following year!  Kakavas‘ overall losses are believed to have run to around A$20m (roughly £13m).

But the country’s highest court dismissed the claim concluding that Melbourne’s Crown Casino hadn’t behaved unconscionably.

The case helps highlight the plight of gamblers who go on too long and who develop an unhealthy addiction. The golden rule is never to gamble more than you can comfortably afford to lose. And if you feel you’re the weak-willed type who may be led down a dangerous road once you start gambling – then try not to get drawn in in the first place. Otherwise, online casinos can be fun – but only with money you can comfortably afford to lose. Then, any win is a complete bonus.

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Mr Kakavas was clearly in a different league and, though he lost the case, he did claim that the casino had lured him with incentives and let him use the establishment’s own private jet, despite his obvious gambling problem – though the casino denied these claims.

For the rest of us – just keep it for fun stakes only.