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Casino Online Safety

casino-securityIn my fifteen years of online casino gaming, the biggest concern I hear from potential players is with the security of the casinos. After all, these online casinos are kind of like big banks. I mean, you are sometimes giving them very sensitive financial information that may lead a thief to large sums of your life savings – it’s probably a little smart to have some concern. However, with my extensive online experience I’ve never personally had a single problem with fraud or theft. Which doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen, but because I also follow a number of simple guidelines, I feel I’ve been able to better protect myself.

DiceFirst, I did my research of casino online sites before I joined. I’d heard of plenty of people having problems being ripped off because they deposited money to fraudulent sites or gave unscrupulous sites their banking info. This was also back when online casino gaming was in its infancy and since then security has gone up, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your homework before you give an online casino site any of your financial information. It really isn’t that difficult to find out a site’s history or validity. There are enough gaming forums out there where you can learn which online casino sites are legit and which ones are. Plus, if you go to the site and thoroughly explore it before committing any information, you can better determine if it’s for real. For example, do they have a working phone number? Are there any dummy pages or links? Simple, common sense questions like this will let you know which online casino sites to avoid.

Two, once you find a online casino site that you know is reputable, don’t be too lose with your financial information. This precaution should go without saying but it’s amazing who we’ll give our credit card or bank routing number to just because their online casino site doesn’t look to be designed by a four year old.

good-web-siteHave a look at this Article written by Jack Schofield for BBC on How to tell the difference between good and bad websites.

It’s surprising how much credibility a well designed and executed logo will bring. Now, there are plenty of ways to keep a tight lease on your financial information. The foremost of which is to not give the casino online site any banking info and instead use a third party broker like PayPal. This third party sites were created specifically to ensure that you can’t be consistently and constantly ripped off. If you are being repeatedly ripped off while using these third party sites you are doing something wrong and you need to stop the use of these accounts and your online casino accounts until you can figure out what’s going on. If, however, you are going to use a credit or debit card for one time deposits into these online casino sites then make sure you use cards that have a low limit or little money in them. That way if the account is somehow compromised there won’t be as much personal damage.

Finally, maintain a low casino online account balance. It’s always good to have a little bit of money in your account because most casino sites have surcharges for each deposit and besides, no one likes looking at a zero balance. However, that doesn’t mean you need to keep thousands of dollars in it – that’s what the banks are for. If you are in the US, most of your money is insured as long as it is in a bank. Online casino sites can’t say the same. If for some reason your casino online account is hacked and you have thousands of dollars just sitting there, what do you think is going to happen? When you have the bare minimum in your online account, that is when you manage your casino online account through smaller deposits or regular withdrawals, then there’s less likely someone will want to hack your account and less money for you to lose if someone does.

With all this being said, there’s still a chance of theft. It may be no greater then being mugged on the street or having your money lost in a bank fire, but it’s important to always remember that nothing in this world is 100%. You need to make sure you protect yourself by being proactive in selecting which online casino sites you choose to do business with, being careful about protecting your financial information and using a third party broker if necessary, and by always wisely managing the money in your online casino account. Do all three of these things and you can be like me and have 15 years of theft-free online casino fun.