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Cruise Tickets on offer with Silk Bingo

Silk Bingo offers its players with Cruise Tickets

You certainly have an opportunity to win yourself a luxurious seven day cruise trip for couple at Silk bingo. The online casino is offering its players with Western Caribbean cruise trip for two persons. One of the best ways to increase your chance of winning is to try and collect as much bingo points as possible. You need to try and collect these entry points before 14th September. After this simply wait for the final draw where the name of the winner shall be announced.

Seven day Cruise Trip at Silk Bingo

The moment you make your best win you certainly get a chance to win Bingo cruise where you shall be sailing to Caribbean on 6th November. You certainly have a chance to share the trip along with your guest or friend traveling A grade cabin. Apart from this you can also enjoy free shipboard food, private cocktail party, 24 hour service and much more during your luxurious stay.

Besides, you and your guest can also enjoy free sight seeing at the beach shore on Grand Cayman and Jamaica. The winner shall also get a free entry and buy in for 60 different Bingo games and a chance to play in championship. You certainly have a chance to win around $80,000 in cash along with other free gifts.

Entry Points for Bingo Cruise

You need to keep in mind that this offer is valid only till 14th September at Silk Bingo and one oft eh main aim of this advertising is to help you gain more Bingo points so you can claim your Bingo Cruise trip. The moment you are wagering $ 20 you get a chance to earn yourself one bingo point, 2 bingo points for each dollar you place in the game and in case you hit then you get a chance to win 25 points in row. You also have to hit bingo in special cruise pattern.

You can also try and gather more points by simply referring Silk Bingo to your friends and relatives. The moment they get registered with Silk bingo then you get to earn around 100 Bingo points.