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Enjoy the Game of Soccer and Bingo at 888ladies.com

Enjoy the Game of Soccer and Bingo at 888ladies.com

888ladies.com, a popular online bingo room, held a vote in the recent times amongst its 130 bingo playing women and discovered that soccer certainly can not be one of the reasons why one should ever try and quit their game of bingo in the online world. This certainly does mean that there are a number of players who are simply able to take all possible benefits from the frenzy promotional offers at online 888ladies.com bingo club.
Enjoy the Game of Soccer and Bingo hand-in-hand at 888ladies.com

Bingo Versus Football

After a small survey performed, it has been very much clear that there are nearly 40% of players who prefer playing the game of bingo as compared to watching football match on their television sets. Apart from this there are another set of 40% of women who like performing multiple tasks like playing the game of bingo in the online world and at the same time keeping all possible track of score of the football games.

England’s Exit in Early Stages

According to one of the surveys performed in the past, there are nearly 10% of women players who might only be interested in watching the match on their television sets only if England’s team is playing in the match. This was also the group of people who had to face a lot of disappointment after the team had lost the final match against more powerful team of Germany.

Footy Frenzy Promotional Offer

This is one way where most women playing at 888ladies.com can try and take complete advantage of this promotional offer. You just have to keep in mind that these offers certainly are only valid till 11th July and the best part is that you can also get a chance to win some of the best Jackpot offers, luxurious treatments at spa and shopping vouchers at some of the best shopping malls. Apart from this you also have a very bright chance of winning flat television sets.