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How to win big when playing roulette

How to win big when playing roulette

There are many games at casino’s which you’ll probably enjoy. Craps, baccarat and poker are some of the many games that are played by millions of people around the world. However, one game in particular is probably your favourite because the excitement rises when you place a bet. Roulette has featured in many films and television shows and it is a very popular game. However, just like any game at a casino, you might not know how to win big. Let’s face it – you don’t go to a casino to savour the atmosphere, do you? You want to win big but, if you haven’t played roulette before or only on a couple of occasions, your winnings will be low at best. Here are a couple of tips which can help you to win a heck of a lot of cash.

The ball doesn’t have a mind of its own

You might think that after the ball is thrown by a croupier, it is then controlled by someone else – this simply isn’t true. Just like when placing a bet on a football match, the luck of the Gods is your only hope of knowing exactly what the final result will be. If a ball consecutively lands on black on six or seven times, the chances of it happening again are slight. The probability of whether a ball lands on black or red is 50/50 – there is no definite colour which it will land on and you should open your mind as to what you will place a bet on.

Don’t rely on sleeper numbers

On a roulette board, there are many different numbers which a ball might not land on for a while. You might prefer to bet on numbers which keep appearing and want to wait a while until you reckon the ball will finally land on it. However, you probably would have spent a lot of money on betting on other numbers which might not have got you any winnings at all. Placing a bet on the number which a ball hasn’t landed on for a while could be done with your next bet. Even if it takes many bets for the ball to land on it, the winnings which you’ll eventually accrue will be very high.

Quit whilst you are ahead

When the wheel is spinning your way, your winnings pot will be considerable. However, you will be very tempted to continue betting to make it bigger. Therefore, you should stop betting when you have made enough money. After all, isn’t it a great feeling when you have won a lot?
You might find that a little bit of practice, be it playing casino games on a table at home where you pay nothing and simply wish to learn, or playing online for free, that your experience on the whole may improve.  On you can truly know when you’re ready to commit