Carley Stenson


Carley Stenson joined the casino-poker-newsonline team in 2009, bringing with her over 10 years of experience of writing for a variety of magazines and newspapers,

She has helped to run her school colleges paper whilst studying for her degree in English, helping to make it very successful.

She originally wanted to join us to publish articles on the other side of the poker world, conducting interviews with the players and getting to know their backgrounds further. She has since moved onto writing articles on promotions and fascinating insights into the world of casinos and poker.

Her personal highlights in her career have been being a editor for the college newspaper, winning a intern-ship at a highly prestigious newspaper, and spending time with her dogs when she is off. Her low points she states as something she has learnt from the experience from and making her a better journalist nowadays include writing articles on food eating competitions and covering various parades for all sorts of occasions.

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