Casie Web


Casie Web was a relative newcomer to the world of casino only two years ago, but has now built a reputation online where she has won many events.

Online Casino professionals have complemented her for her phenomenal rise and her excellent grasp of the game, in such a short period of time.

Casie was born in a small town in Myra, Sweden, she has studied for a bachelors degree in history. During her time in University she used to watch her room mates playing poker during the nights.

She first got a taste of the game during the little matches and found she was a natural, she has since decided to make a career of playing in tournaments due to the slow nature of the job market.

As a newcomer to the game, she provides excellent source of information on where you can get the best deals and how to play games especially if you are new to online gaming. We at are proud to have her aboard, and actively support her to continue competing online against the best and readers of our site.

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