Christine Telford


Christine Telford has been born and raised in London, UK. She bring along with over 5 years of experience working as a professional poker players in various events.

Christine developed most of her skills by playing at home with friends and relative and by reading the great Doyle Bronson’s Super System book.

She then decided to take the next step by competing online, remarkably for a newbie to the scene she managed an incredible 50 wins in online tournaments within a short period of time.

As her growing confidence begun to show against opponents she began to move into the next phase of her goal and that was to go into publishing or reporting. She started to blog about various tournaments she was competing in. She continued to progress the blog by going to other tournaments and provide commentary on other players. She has since closed the blog and has committed herself to the casino-poker-newsonline team, where we will bring you her own unique views on topics.

When she is not playing or writing about poker she like to relax in front of the TV with her dog. She also enjoys going on adventure holidays, she recently spent some time in Peru.

Feel free to write to me via email me at, I will try to answer as many emails as possible

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