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New Online Slots Collections

All Slots Offer Players with New Online Slots Collections

You certainly can check around with All Slots Casino for some of the latest updates on its casino portfolio. The online casino has managed to introduce four different variations of online slots which are based on Halloween, Oktoberfest and twin nature celebration feast themes for its players.

Reliving the Exciting Oktoberfest!

Steinfest is considered as online video slot from Microgaming that is developed and designed to simulate the festive of German Oktoberfest. The moment you are playing this slot you certainly get a chance to view boys and girls in their traditional German dress code, German food and Sauerkraut along with tons of beer jars.

Treat or Trick!

Monster inside the closet is a name that is given to the latest version of online slots that is introduced by All slots casino. The latest version is also available during the Halloween time. One of the most important features is the fifty paylines along with a bonus game of 200 times the betting amount which is also considered as most rewarding feature of this game.

Dolphin’s Coast!

Dolphin’s Coast is an online game of slot that is based on the Oceanic theme and the type of life that is present in ocean. The best part is that this game of slot does not offer its players with any number of paylines but even after that players can easily try and make their best win using 3,125 ways. The slot machine also offers players with different types of scatter symbols and additional number of free spins. Players can also try and make use of best payout feature that is equivalent to 7.5 million casino coins, till date.

Jungle life!

Tigers Eye is a game of slot that offers players with 40 different pay lines. The best part is that when playing this game you get a chance to experience different types of animals on the reels. The slot also offers players with one of the best multiplier feature. You also get a chance to multiple your money with each spin and also participate in the free spin offer.