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Online Bingo Stats

Online Bingo Stats

Bingo; a game that in the past few decades has become synonymous with British female culture. Despite this relation however, the games history loosely stems back to an early version of the lottery in Italy in 1530. From there it spread across Europe, into France and eventually to Britain in the 1700s.

The game has however changed and developed since then, and it is surprising some of the changes it has undertaken on all aspects, from demographics to mannerisms. The biggest development bingo has arguably taken in recent times has come about through the introduction of the internet, causing the game to make a transition online, opening it up to a much larger audience.

The increase in the amount of people who play bingo has really boomed in recent years. In 2012 it was recorded that the UK has over 3 million participants of internet bingo, a huge increase from the 50,000 figure published in 2008. The internet is a market many companies have looked to and promoted heavily since 2008, and as a result has begun to appeal to a younger market which is a stand out reason for the significant growth in the number of 20-25 year old women taking part nowadays. The online aspect of the game has undoubtedly made it far more accessible to the populous.

This growth has caused the online market to become an incredibly lucrative one. Drawing from recent statistics this clear to see, as on average women who play online bingo regularly spend about £120 each month; now this is just an average, so there are obviously some who spend much more than others. Despite this however if you take this figure in relation to the number of online players the money made by some of these companies must be colossal, particularly when you consider the total prize money won since national bingo began back in 1986 currently stands at around £725,179,338.

On the subject of money we must look at some figures concerning prize money. As you would expect the average amount of prize money has increased hand in hand with the number of players. But the current record for the biggest win in the UK stands at a whopping £935,000 won back in December 2002.

If the online market is already this big, you do perhaps wonder how larger it can grow if companies manage to truly break through into the male demographic; and if they do that then there is no telling how popular it could become.

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