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Playing Poker – Fun to Income

PokerMany recreational poker players wish they could have made a living playing poker, I mean this is truly the good life, right? Well, it’s not that easy and the way of living of the professional poker players is full with tension, stress, travels all over the world, not to mention that if they don’t win they don’t get paid because winning is their salary and their income.

To all those people who enjoy playing poker at home in front of the computer whether at PokerStars, Full Tilt or any other online poker room or live poker with friends or at the casino and wish they could make a living from the game, this article is just for you.

Poker is a skill game but it involves an element of luck in it as well and because you cannot depend on luck for your income, it’s best to leave the game of poker as a secondary source of income and not your primary.

HelpYou see, first you should master the game by knowing various poker plays and strategy, know to read your opponents, know to control your game and 101 different things before you can truly beat any player because you will face all kinds of players online or at live tables.

Second, when you’re having a bad day and you’re playing bad, you don’t reach the money. When you’re suffering a bad beat that eliminates you from a tournament and you don’t make the cash, you don’t get paid. All these examples come to show you that it’s very hard to make a living from poker and although the dream is alive and can happen to anyone, have a steady source on income first and then you can play poker freely, more responsibly and make income from it slowly and safely.

Thirdly choose the online poker room which is most active as well as recommended by other poker players who plays there. You can find the top list here for this year.

I suggest you click here to read how the pros started playing poker and how they achieved their status today before quitting your day job to chase your dream making a living solely from poker. You will also find professional poker articles, strategy guides, poker videos and much more to know and play the game better so you can earn more next time you’re at the poker table.

Does That Mean the Dream is over?

Antonio EsfandiariAbsolutely not! First play poker for small amounts, enter low buy-ins and once you are confident enough, you’ve enriched your bankroll and you master your play, move on to play higher limits and with time and experience you’ll also become a better player, you’ll be able to read your opponents more accurately and eventually you’ll win more money.

My advice to you in this article is keep dreaming and don’t give up but remember that poker is not a steady source of income. Even the great players like Phil Ivey who acquired LeggoPoker recently, Antonio Esfandiary, Phil Hellmuth and others had times they won millions of dollars and times they’ve lost it all and had to start all over again.

Until you’re able to handle these swings, keep your day job, have a steady source of income and set poker as a secondary source of income. With time and as you become a better player, then consider switching the two, but until then play safe and smart because you’ll still be able to make good money from poker.

See you around the poker table…