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Tips for Playing Video Poker

videopoker-BannerOne type of casino game which is more popular with American players than European players is the game of Video Poker, and many European based players really should consider following those US based players by taking a close look at the Video Poker games offered, and giving them some playtime, as the payout percentages offered on these games can be very generous indeed.

The aim of playing any Video Poker game is simply to end the game with one of the higher paying hands that are listed on the paytable, the better the hand the more you will get paid. However as with most casino games there are several different ways you can play Video Poker in the hope of increasing your winning chances.

With this in mind, below you are going to find several different tips for playing Video Poker, has a good look through these hints and playing tips as they could assist you in become a much better Video Poker player.

gamesAuto Hold Facility – When you are playing Video Poker the playing structure of the game is simple to understand, you first get dealt a base hand of five cards, and then can choose to hold any of them, with the unheld cards being discarded and new ones replacing them.

Many online Video Poke games have a Auto Hold facility and this will take away all of the guesswork out of you having to pick which are the best cards to hold and which cards to discard, so our first playing tip is to click on the option settings and make sure this Auto Hold facility is activated., as by turning it on you will not be making any incorrect playing decisions in regards to which cards to hold.

Paytable Offered – One very important part of any Video Poker game is the paytable which that game has attached to it. This is where you really should be paying attention, as there can be some very subtle differences in these pay tables which can make some of these games poor paying ones.

Even when Video Poker games have the same name, or are offered by the same software company there can be differences in the pay tables offered. As an example let us take a look at the Jacks or Better game offered by one of the worlds leading online casino game software companies, Playtech.

They have both a single hand game and several multi hand variants of Jacks or Better Video Poker available, and the single hand variant boasts a paytable offering a payout percentage of some 99.54% when played with perfect strategy. However on their 50 line Jacks or Better multi hand game the house edge is a much lower 97.30%.

The reason for this reduced payout percentage is found when you inspect the paytable, on the single hand game the payout for getting a Full House when playing 5 coins per game is 45 coins, however on their 50 hand game this is reduced to 40 coins, also the payout for the Flush on the single hand game is 30 coins whilst on the 50 hand game this payout is just 25 coins.

So make sure you check and double check the pay tables so as not to end up playing one with reduced payouts!

Coins in Play – Another thing to keep in the forefront of your mind when you are playing most Video Poker games is the number of coins which you are playing each game for. There can often be an increased payout for the best paying hand on the paytable when you are playing the maximum number of coins per game.

Take Microgamings Joker Poker Video Poker game for example, the best hand you can get when playing it is of course the Natural Royal Flush, and the payouts for getting dealt such a hand based on one to five coins being played are: 750 coins, 1500 coins, 2250 coins, 3000 coins and for a five coin game 5000 coins.

So another tip for playing Video Poker is to always play maximum coins to ensure you will always benefit from these enhanced payouts when you are lucky enough to be dealt that winning hand.

Best Paying Video Poker Games – With there being so many different video Poker games available to play online, and so many different software companies powering these games, it can often be time consuming doing all the research needed to help you find the best paying video Poker games each individual software company offers.

So to help you on your way we have compiled a listing below of the very best paying Video Poker games offered by the most commonly found online casino software companies, so if you do fancy playing Video Poker online then stick to playing only the variants listed below!

Microgamings Best Paying Video Poker Game – The All Aces Video Poker game found in Microgaming software powered online casinos has the best payout percentage of all the variants they offer and when played with perfect strategy the game offers a payout percentage of some 99.92%.

Playtechs Best Paying Video Poker Game – The single hand Jacks or Better Video Poker game is the best paying game at Playtech software powered online casinos and this game, when played with perfect strategy, will see you playing a variant with a house edge of 99.54%.

Cryptologics Best Paying Video Poker Game – The Double Bonus Video Poker game offers the best payout percentage at Cryptologic software powered casinos when played with perfect strategy and the payout percentage is 99.11%.

Wagerworks Best Paying Video Poker Game – The Jacks or Better Video Poker game is the best paying game at Wagerworks software powered online casinos when played with perfect strategy will see you playing a Video Poker variant with boasts a house edge of 99.54%.

Remember to get the best payouts you need to be playing maximum coins and playing perfect strategy!